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Cretan Night

Once a week , we organize in collaboration with our sister hotel Miramare Resort & Spa, a Cretan night event. Our guests, experience how Cretan people entertain while, at the same time a buffet with a great variety of local dishes is available. Live music and dancers will make this evening an unforgettable experience. Eat well, try our local drink raki and enjoy the famous Cretan music while dancing our traditional dances. For more information about the event contact the reception desk.


Easter in Agios Nikolaos, Crete

The season of Spring is a worth visiting period for holidays, since Easter in Agios Nikolaos is a very special and unique experience and a pole of attraction for many travelers from all over the world. For the Greek Orthodox tradition, Easter or “Pascha” in Greek,  is the most important celebration of the year.
The Resurrection is seen as the basis of life itself, and the festivities are a time of joy and renewal.

In Agios Nikolaos, the celebrations take on a special significance. On the evening of Holy Saturday, a spectacular burning of Judas takes place around the picturesque Lake Voulismeni, accompanied by fireworks and the exchange of well-wishes.

So if you are thinking of visiting Crete, but not in the middle of the summer, spring is an ideal choice, nature is at its best, the weather is warm and it is the best time to explore the villages and the real Greek culture.

Cliff Diving

Since 2016 ,a high-level diving competition and a night show, take place in the Lake of Agios Nikolaos. The rocks of the centrally located Lake Voulismeni are ideal for international rock divers to impress us with their skills.

Cretan Festivals

During the summer, a lot of festivals take place in the villages of Crete. Close to Agios Nikolaos however, the most famous are the Festival of Myzithropita at the village of Kritsa, the Almond festival and Ftazymo bread festival at Kroustas village and of course the honey festival at the village of Prina.

Moreover, the 15th of August festival in Neapoli, is the biggest festival in the prefecture and one of the biggest in Crete, which forms part of the festivities for the fifteenth of August (the Assumption of the Virgin Mary). Neapoli has a huge square in its centre on which, every year, a unique two-day festival takes place with music and food.