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The Municipal Tourist Company has its own organized beaches (Municipal beach, Almyros beach, Havania),where the swimmers can comfortably enjoy their swimming. The exemplary beaches of Aghios Nikolaos are always among the candidates for the prize of purity and cleanliness by the respective European Committee, earning more and more “BLUE FLAGS” each year!

Gargadoros Beach

A small pebble beach just in front of Ariadne Beach Hotel. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available, as well as some restaurants and cafes. Head north towards the small pier from the main beach, and you’ll discover a hidden beach on the other side. Accessible only via a wooden ladder, this hidden spot is perfect for those seeking a tranquil retreat.

For local people, the picturesque beach of Gargadoros is the favorite spot for both summer and winter time.

Ariadne Crete

Almyros Beach

Only a few steps away from Ariadne Beach Hotel , Almyros, is a large and organized sandy beach. At its right end, a small river empties into the bay and the entire beach is surrounded by a wetland. It is a popular destination for families with small children because it has very shallow waters. It is a wheelchair-accessible beach.
Water sports available.


Ammos Beach

It is one of the most central beaches of Agios Nikolaos right next to the marina. It is organized with fairly shallow waters and a beautiful view of the mountains of Sitia. The unique characteristic of the beach is that it is always calm without waves. Next to the beach there are several restaurants.

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Kitroplatia Beach

It is the most central beach of Agios Nikolaos right next to the port and the town centre. It is fully organized with amazing views of the mountains of Sitia. Next to the beach there are many restaurants and cafés.

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Ammoudi Beach

At the other side of the town in relation to the hotel, Ammoudi, a fully organized beach , with water sports and several cafés and restaurants closeby. Ammoudi beach is a popular destination among windsurfers and the meeting point for the winter swimmers of Agios Nikolaos.

Ariadne Crete

Voulisma Beach

Voulsima beach at Kalo Chorio, a small village, 10 minutes drive from our hotel, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete. It is a very wide and fully organized beach, with turquoise waters of a unique, exotic beauty.

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